Thalys x SNCB - Summer Campaign 2020

Content Creation
For the Thalys and SNCB summer campaign we designed and shot the ad campaign for their site and social channels. 

We created a teaser with a GoT easter egg, and the tagline “Summer is coming” that was used on digital but also on print. And a main visual composed of several destination. All paired with a few videos on social and paid ads.

Julia Michaels - Issues

Lyric Video
The idea behind the video “Issues” was to create a “faux plan sequence” where the camera passes through peoples’ troubles and issues in one subtle way. The camera passes through a moment, a blink of time in peoples’ lives, showing the audience that no matter who and where we are, we are all the same and all have issues. Republic Records and Universal loved our concept and commissioned us to bring it to life.

With over 24 million views, Grammy nominee Julia Michaels’ lyric video “Issues” is nothing but a huge succes. 

Happy Halloween

After a successful social media campaign with over 60k views, the commercial for Belgian brand Tiense Suiker screened in official competition in several festivals worldwide, including the Internation Childrens’ Film Festival in India, and the Open Fields Film Festival in Australia. 

Candico: the story behind the sugar

The Anthem agency asked us to create a concept for the Belgian brand Candico. The aim was to tell their history in a short format. We shot two versions: one in French with the incredible Bernard Yerlès and one in Dutch with the great Hans De Munter.

Spin - Zombie Girl

Music Video
A mix between a short film and a music video. Zombie Girl tells the story of a man that is done with his mundane and annoying life. 

Even though it had no p&a budget and was for an indie band, the video has gone viral and reached over 27 million views (and still going) on youtube. The proof that a nice story can go miles.

El Pais testimonial for Enfocus

We travelled to the offices of El Pais, the largest newspaper in Spain. An incredible experience as they print and incredible amount of news papers and magazines, and all mostly automated with Enfocus Switch.

What we do

We take care of the whole production aspect of your audiovisual needs. Feature films, short films, corporate videos, advertisements, music videos, series, digital content… You name it, we make it.

With over 10 years over experience all over the world, we will bring your project to fruition. From the development stage until the release.

Online presence is a must. If you want to thrive with your company, brand, product, or movie, you need to be present online. But in this vast world of social media and thousand and one posts every second, it can become quite overwhelming to know what to do and how to get your message to the right audience. That is where we come in. We will help in your social media strategy from A to Z.

For years we have created digital content for brands such as Thalys, SNCB, 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros, Get Your Guide, and many more.

We are Facebook and Instagram certified and can create all the content needed for all your social and print campaigns.

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