Chocolate Roulette

Chocolate Roulette


It’s Valentine’s Day, and Becca wants what all women want–to finish her bivariate analysis and attributable risk calculations. After all, she’s on the brink of discovering the cure for peanut allergies.

Then her day is interrupted by Steve, a cocky proctalgia fugax (pain in the ass) and Martin, an insecure geek with serious peanut envy. Both are in Becca’s allergy study, and both are trying their best to deshell Becca. But hey, there are only two peanuts in a pod. So when the men bicker over which of them has claim to Becca (yeah, she loved that. Not.), Becca decides to have a little holiday-inspired fun of her own. She makes the men play roulette with a box of chocolates to win her love. But as the candy count dwindles and Steve is left with the chocolate peanut, Becca’s fun little prank goes from sweet to sour in a hurry.




Horror, Comedy

Written by

John Licata

Directed by

Pedro Chaves


Hannah Bellemore Tate Mayfairs Simon Shaw


short films