Production Services

Dream Journey Studios is the perfect liaison for all your production needs in Portugal.  Shooting in Portugal has never been more interesting, having a cash rebate up to 30%.

We take care of your whole production process, from development to release and provide full support and translation services.

Asset creation and localization

for your films and series
A BIG issue that local distributors often have is that they don’t have content to promote your film or series.

Very often a production company only provides a trailer and a poster. Leaving no other asset besides those. And that’s where we come in. We can create man assets that can edited and sent throughout local distributors so that they can localize them themselves or we can be your pitstop for all the content creation needed to succesfully promote your movie or series and reach the audience and thus the sales needed for a proper return on investement.

Content Creation

for your digital world
Digital content creation has boomed like never before. Brands need to keep pushing the boundaries of their online content to attract customers. Being video, audio, photography, VR, you name it.

And we can help you with that. We can create all your assets, in the right way for all your social networks. Dream Journey Studios, is certified by Facebook and Google. We don’t guess, or play around with aspect ratios or formats. We know what to do and are constantly learning and being updated on new ways to promote your content.

Or work speaks for itself: Bohemian Rhapsody, Aquaman, The Favourite,.. we worked on incredible campaigns with a high succes rate.

Corporate Videos

A good video for your business tells much more than text or pictures. Video generates 1200% more shares than text and pictures. It is a must to have.

And that is where we come in.

With customers such as 20th Century Fox, Esko, Berlitz, Alpro, Danone, Sudzucker, Tiense Suiker, Candico, Warner Bros,… we gathered a vast array of experience and can take care of your needs in all possible situations and budgets.

From 4K video, drone footage, 360 video, we got you covered.

Branded Content

We have worked with a lot of brands in the past years. Brands like Esko, the worldleader in packaging and printing services. Or Tiense Suiker, the leader in sugar retail in Belgium. The list is long.

Those brands have trusted us in creating incredible content for all platforms, digital, TV, projections, posters, flyers, and much more.


Music Videos

from Grammy winners to indies
The past decade we have produced music videos and lyric videos for artists such as Kacey Musgraves, Julia Michaels, Catfish and The Bottlemen, Zuli,…

We are proud to say that some went over the 15million views, were screened on MTV, published on promonews, and shown at festivals.

We can produce music videos in live action, 2D animation, stop-motion, you name it and we do it.

And we do that WORLDWIDE.